Awe-inspiring story of hearing impaired IIT engineer, Ajay Kumar Kochiri


Many with physical disability lose hopes and feel depressed but some live with their disability, overcome all odds with strong will power and positivity in mind to set an example for others.

One such man is a 30-year-old Hyderabad-based, Ajay Kumar Kochiri, who is working as a Senior Engineer with BHEL. He has been conferred with the ‘Best Employee of the Year, 2015’ award in the category of Hearing Impairment under the ‘National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities’ program. His indomitable will and rock-like determination had helped him all way to achieve what he have now.

Ajay was a normal boy when he was born. The first sign of hearing loss occurred during his school days. The condition worsened day by day until the age of 20 when he suffered from intense deafness. In spite of the disability, Ajay pursued his M. Tech. at the IIT, Guwahati.

During his initial days of losing his hearing, Ajay was complained by his friends to his brother that he could not communicate properly. He did not respond to his friends, even when they tried calling him from a very close range. Doctors and audiologists recommended him to wear a hearing aid, but his first thought was not about his condition but about what people would think about him.

After pursuing a B.Tech degree at JNTU in Anantapur and finishing his Master’s in Computer Assisted Manufacturing from IIT Guwahati in 2009, he switched on to few government jobs for a year, after which he had joined BHEL as an engineer.

In April 2014, Ajay was advised to take Cochlear implant procedures. The risk of the procedure is when Cochlear implant procedures fail; a person’s hearing loss is complete. But, the procedure did by Senior ENT Surgeon Dr. Janardhan Jagini in Hyderabad have given sound to his life. Now, he is a person with normal hearing.

In his personal life, Ajay is a happily married man and also a father of two and a half year old son. Ajay says the support of his family and colleagues had helped him think positively and come all the way with success.

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