Baba Bajrang Das- This man from Rajasthan wants to bring villages surrounding Gendoli closer and is sensational


Gendoli in Bundi district in Rajasthan is home to many rocky hills.  A man named Baba Bajrang Das is doing something here and it has caught the attention of many now. It is interesting to note that this Baba Bajrang Das is involved in breaking the hills so that many villages could be brought closer. Located about 40kms distance from Bundi is a small town named Gendoli and it has some 40 plus villages and people.

This Baba Bajrang Das sounded emotional when he shared some of the incidents that were responsible for breaking the hills there to bring villages closer than before. According to him old and unhealthy people were carried using cots and while doping so people slipped and fell down and ended up losing their lives many times. It was same for the animals that have lost their lives falling down. It must be noted that the villagers had to walk 40kms around the hills as the 4km trek over the hills were hazardous and tough.

Baba Bajrang das also spoke about how in the 1980s there were not many vehicles and bullock carts took almost a day travelling the distance. Thus in the year 1985 the work to connect Gendoli with other small villages nearby was started by this humble Baba Bajrang Das and he used his own money from those collected from other villagers. It is now clear that the road might not be finished fully but Bajrang Das and others have showed that being a worker is good for the nation’s development. Hats off to Baba Bajrang Das and others!!

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