Bagicha Singh – India’s Forest Gump on a Mission


Would you travel the length and breadth of the country because you want to bring about a change in the youth? Probably not. Who has the time to change others, after all?

Well, while the rest of the world is doing all things possible to become personal-best’, a veteran in India has been at the task of changing the youth for oh-so-many- years now. And he has travelled 5, 80,000kms on foot, to achieve this goal of his.

Meet  Bagicha Singh. He is the man who had the courage to leave his crying mother behind, and take on a mission to make this country a better place. Inspired by the doings of national-hero Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Bagicha Singh took it upon him to do his duty albeit in a slightly different manner.


Now aged 81, Bagicha has walked across the country because he wants to eradicate all evils from this country.

Calling himself a ‘samaj sevak’, a sobriquet he enjoys very much, Bagicha wants the country to be free of all social-evils, which he believes, are corrupting the minds of the youth. The social-evils he is after eradicating includes: Alcohol, medicinal drugs, tobacco and coitus with sex workers are the top-targets on his list.

A native of Panipat, Bagicha began his sojourn in February 1993 walking from Jammu to Kanyakumari. He quit his education after graduating senior school and has been since armed with a 90kg backpack and two Indian flags on 18 feet long poles.

In the course of his ongoing journey, he says, he has met and interacted with numerous elite personalities from the line of politics, police and films.


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