Be yourself, an Inspiring Life Lesson which Actor Motilal taught to Asrani and his classmates


We all know Asrani as one of the best comedians Indian film industry has produced. No one can forget his role as Jailor in film Sholay. Who can forget his famous dialogue “Half of you go here … half of you go here … and the rest come with me”. People use his dialogue even till today.

When Asrani was studying acting, great actor Motilal came to his institute as a guest lecturer. He gave Asrani and his classmates such a great lesson which Asrani remembers even till today. In one of the interview Asrani shared:

One day, Motilal visited our acting class as a guest lecturer and wanted to look at budding actors. Af­ter seeing our performances, Motilal shocked us by saying that none of us would get a foothold in the industry, because there was already an origi­nal Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor. We were all simply trying to copy them. He taught us a very great lesson and that was, to discover our­selves.

This message applies to all of us. We should copy any one. Rather we should create our own image. That’s the true success mantra of life.

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