Beautiful Ad: ‘Ek bar Amazon Try Toh Kar…Hokar Befikar’

Beautiful Ad Ek bar Amazon Try Toh Kar Hokar Befikar-TN

After ‘Aur Dikhao, Aur Dikhao’ Amazon India has come up with their new commercial “Ek bar Amazon Try Toh Kar…Hokar Befikar”. The lyrics is very beautiful and engaging.

Online recipe se, banate yummy yummy food,

door ke hain mama, paas se bolein very very good

Even if the ad is good, still we have one suggestion for Indian advertisers:

  • Please don’t show Indian women as ‘Kitchen Worker’ alone. Show them something from this list also. It will help women empowerment in India.

Watch “Ek bar Amazon Try Toh Kar…Hokar Befikar” Beautiful Amazon Ad ( pe #TrytohKar!)


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