Beautiful Dialogues of English Movie ‘Don’t Breathe’

Beautiful Dialogues of English Movie ‘Don’t Breathe’

Life is all about small-small issues

Be a doll and get your mother a large Blue Cheese from Tony’s. There’s no money in here. You pay for it then. I know you’re making money.

When you have suspicion over something

Your lips look sore, that’s how you’re making your cash out there?

Make commitments not promises

What do you say you and I move away to Californian, would you like that? Okay. It’s a promise then.

When you take serious decisions in life

You’re leaving? Yeah, as soon as I have the money. When are you coming back? Never.

Money gives short term happiness

Good news, I got another job. Yoh, I got our ticket out of here. Rumor is this guy is sitting on at least three hundred K! Boom! That’s our guy.

Don’t judge a person based on his looks

Wait, is he blind? That’s kind of messed up to rob a blind guy, isn’t it? Just because he’s blind don’t mean he’s a saint, bro. it’s going to be a piece of cake.

Every person has his own past

The story goes some girl hung out with this guy’s daughter. The daughter dies and this rich-ass family pays him off. The guy is an army vet loner.

Every person has his/her own traits

He’s out. He’s a sleeping beauty.

When you see an opportunity

Guys, the money’s in the house, it’s probably in there.

When you are trying to lie

Just me, man, alright? Just let me go, please! Okay, I swear to God…

You call parents only in trouble

Dad, it’s me. I messed up real bad.

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