Beautiful Dialogues of English Movie ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

Beautiful Dialogues of English Movie ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

There are some hard truths

The jungle consumes everything. It preys on the old, the sick, the wounded. It preys on the weak, but never the strong.

When life makes you helpless

We will never survive. I have done all I can to protect my family. Today I buried my wife, now I fear for my child.

Always give attention to others

Hello, will you speak to me?

Your past should not become a bottleneck in your present or future

You may not like who you were, you may have enemies there, but you need to go home.

People turn extraordinary from ordinary

He is no normal man. He was thought to be an evil spirit, a ghost in the trees. They speak of his power over the animals in the jungle. No man ever started with less.

People do by learning over the time

They speak of his power over the animals. Because his spirit came from them he understood them and learned to conquer them.

Sometime it’s difficult to express your pain in words

Your husband’s wildness disturbs me more than I can easily express.

There are few who are powerful and charismatic

You are Lord of the Apes, King of the Jungle. Tarzan! Tarzan.

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