Beautiful Dialogues of Movie Barbershop: The Next Cut


In every neighborhood there’s a place folks gets together to talk about their dreams, to share their frustrations, and maybe even tell a joke or two. It’s a home away from home, and these aren’t just friends, they’re family.

This is the town I love, a neighborhood of family and friends. And right here at the heart of it all is where everyone comes together: the barbershop.

Welcome to Calvin’s. If you like it, you pay. If you don’t like it, your ass pay anyway.

How much you charge for them weaves? If you want to be Destiny’s Child Beyoncé that’s gonna cost you two hundred dollars. And if you want to be Beyoncé featuring Jay Z: boom, boom. With all that ass she ain’t safe nowhere.

What’s up, homie black folks? Who wants some gangster grub?

Did she just say fleek? There’s a whole dictionary full of words. There’s a library down the street, you won’t see fleek in there nowhere. He funny. He make me laugh.

What happened to the barbershop, Calvin? I used to come here to get away from women! Me and Angie we was both struggling to keep our shops afloat, so we had to work together. Saved us both.

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