Beautiful Dialogues of Movie Bleed for This


We are going to start the weigh-in. Ash, answer the phone. Hello? Where’s he at? Just hold them off, tell them I’m coming! He’s on the bicycle. Tell me his weight, what weight’s he on? Where you at, Vinny? I’m coming! He’s coming.

Tomorrow night, you’re gone. I’m going to rain on you like the thunderstorm.

Vincenzo Pazienza known as the “Pazmanian Devil” is in Kent County Memorial hospital tonight with a fractured neck.

If you let me do the fusion, I can guarantee you’ll be able to walk again. I need to be able to fight again. Vi. They’re not fusing my neck. With this severe of an injury, one bump, one fall, any kind of movement and your spinal cord could sever.

It wasn’t supposed to go like this. No you ain’t, Vinny.

Vinny, no, no! I mean you just don’t know how to give up. I know exactly how to give up. You know what scares me, Kev, is that it’s easy. Come on, this is insane!

This is bad, Angelo. You gotta do something.

I’m not done, all right. I got more in me.

Now go out there and show me how you do things. Show me how you lift! Show me how you fight! Show me who you are.

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