Beautiful Dialogues of Movie The Girl on the Train

Beautiful Dialogues of Movie The Girl on the Train

When you love each other 

I used to watch this perfect couple, they were the embodiment of true love.

When life becomes a mystery 

A teacher once told me I was the mystery of self-reinvention. It’s like having a secret, and nobody but me knows I’m doing it.

Life gives you many chances

I want to start my life over again.

Few things stick to your memories

I saw her, I saw her from the train. She was…she was with this man, just for a second.

It’s difficult to hide the truth

Can you tell me where you were Friday night? I was in the city and then I went to visit my husband. You mean your ex-husband?

When your life stars revolving around a particular incident

So what did you do during those hours that night? I don’t remember, there’s some time missing.

When life comes to the specifics

You were seen in the area that night. Did you murder Megan Hipwell? No.

When you try to pretend and have some other purpose

Rachel, why are you here? Because I’m helping find Megan. I don’t think you’re helping anybody.

When you are curious to know the reality

What happened that night in the tunnel? Tell me truth!

When a person changes his/her personality

I’m not the girl I used to be.

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