Beautiful Dialogues of Movie The Magnificent Seven

Beautiful Dialogues of Movie The Magnificent Seven

You do communicate all the times

I have a need of a man with your qualification. I’m not for sale. I’m a duly sworn warrant officer. We need your help. We’re decent people being driven from our homes, slaughtered in cold blood.

Between right and wrong

That man murdered my husband. He will take everything we have. So you seek revenge. I seek righteousness, but I’ll take revenge.

When you are hiring a team

Took a job, I was looking for some men to join me. Is it difficult? Impossible. How many you got so far? You and me, but I’m going to need more than a few to help us fight.

When you want attention from others

Well allow me to show you something.

When we are not sure

What could go wrong?

When you are associated with someone

Who’s she? We work for her.

Keep the right spirit

Good lord. That’s right.

Unity in diversity

What a bunch of misfits we are.

When you reconfirm

Do you know how to shoot that thing?

When you know someone

He’s local, my friend. Oh, good, we got a Mexican.

When you make a team

We got seven, he’s got an army. And they’ll be murdered by the world’s greatest lover.

When you work for others

Why are you here fighting someone else’s fight?

Sometime it’s important to work for others

These people deserve their lives back.

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