Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Ben-Hur

Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Ben-Hur

We are because of contribution of some others

No matter where you’re from, this ship is your body! That drum is your heartbeat and your God is the glory of Rome!

Don’t waste time

You wash ashore shackled. You are an escaped prisoner. How long were you a galley slave? Five years. What is your name? Judah Ben-Hur.

History has many lessons

My family was one of the most respected in Jerusalem, until the Romans came. And then we were betrayed by my own brother.

We are all related to each other as humans

Messala, you will always be my brother. I’m an orphan. Your father took me in.

Some things are worth hiding

Please, I need you to tell me who our enemies are! Messala, I won’t name names.

Don’t forget almighty god

Love your enemies, God is love. He has a plan for you. If he’s already decided my path how am I better off than a slave? Why don’t you ask God?

When you sacrifice too much

Messala, you know we’ve done nothing wrong! Rome’s calling for blood, I have to give them something. Crucify them!

Few incidents are worth remembering

The world you live is Rome’s, their laws, their power. I won’t let Messala go unpunished for what he’s done to us.

There’s difference in bravery and misusing power

Our mother and sister, was it a quick death? Coward!

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