Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Loving

Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Loving

People make a house a home

I’m gonna build you a house, right here, our house.

A person knows his decisions better than others

I’m going to take Mildred up to DC to get married. Are you sure about that?

Most beautiful words for a husband and a wife

By the power invested in me, by the district of Columbia, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Why the world look at skin color

Richerd Perry Loving being a white person, and Mildred Jeter being a colored person did unlawfully cohabitate as man and wife.

Racism is bad

The state of Virginia will argue that it is unfair to bring children of mixed race into the world.

Be firm for your family

I’m gonna raise my family here, I don’t care what they do to us.

When someone wants to take care

I can take care of you.

Life needs to be rightly balanced

I know we have some enemies, but we got some friends too.

Some cases become landmark judgments

You realize this case could alter the constitution of the United States.

Look for the life win

Do you think you’ll lose? We may lose the small battles, but we’re in a big war.

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