Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Office Christmas Party

Beautiful Dialogues, Quotes of English Movie Office Christmas Party

All plans doesn’t go well

It’s Christmas, we should celebrate they say, just a little get together for the employees. Have a few drinks, blow off a little steam, nothing crazy.

Wish everyone

Merry Christmas, Jeremy. Great night, huh?

When we make too much plans

This is a sample cheeseboard for our holiday mixer tonight.

When you get a bad news

I’m sorry, you’re having a Christmas party tonight? It’s not happening.

When something unbelievable happens

I’m telling you the thing is not happening at all.

When you get irritated

I’m not messing with you. Hey! Stop doing that, all right!

Follow discipline

If you are going to have intercourse tonight please do not do it on company property. Go into the right A parking lot.

When you need someone to celebrate

Hey, Santa, want to party?

Some people are emotional

I love this company!

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