Beautiful Dialogues / Quotes of Movie Jason Bourne

Beautiful Dialogues Quotes of Movie Jason Bourne

When you have your own reasons 

Thirty-two kills, you volunteered because you are Jason Bourne. I volunteered because I thought our enemies killed my father. I volunteered because of a lie. It’s time to get some answers. Not for you.

When you know yourself well 

I know who I am. I remember. I remember everything.

Everyone has their own argument 

Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.

When you break the bad news 

We’ve just been hacked, could be worse than Snowden.

When you don’t know what to do 

Facial recognition got a hit. Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne. Why would he come back now?

When you make your own judgment about things 

There’s a demonstration in front of the Greek parliament building. I think she’ll use it as cover.

When you sense something wrong going to happen 

They tracked you, we gotta move.

When you don’t know what’s happening 

He’s seeing things. He knows things. What if he’s not coming for us? What if it’s something else?

When you try to resolve the situation

Bourne, my name is Heather Lee. I’m not in charge here, I wasn’t here when you went missing. I can see you’re going through the old Treadstone files. Were you tracing your history? I know you’re looking for something, let me help you find it.

When you take lead and play emotional card 

Jason, this is Robert Dewey. Do you remember me? Jason, your dad was a patriot, he could see the threats America was facing and like you he chose to serve his country out of profound sense of duty. He would not want to see you harm the agency. You have to stop this, and you have to stop it now.

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