Beautiful story as how Hrithik Roshan’s life was impacted by Kadar Khan’s suggestion


Acclaimed director Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s wife Anupama Chopra had a candid interviews industry’s Geek God, Hrithik Roshan where he took up and admitted on Kadar Khan that he was the person who was responsible and made his life hell. He stated that Mr. Kadar Khan had once told his father, Mr. Rakesh Roshan that he should admit Hrithik in a polytechnic college, notes a report from Deccan

Hrithik Roshan from a very young age had been on the many films sets which were directed and produced by his father Rakesh Roshan and seeing him working with full dedication and the environment inspired him so much that when children at his age avoids thinking of the present, Hrithik had already gone for a decision to become an actor and wanted to try hard in the films. Somewhere he had in his mind that some or the other day, he will make it big and when he discussed this dream of his with his father Mr. Rakesh Roshan, he clearly rejected his this dream and was totally against it but when Hrithik forced, Mr. Rakesh Roshan suggested him to go for another career as back-up plan in case if his acting career didn’t took off as planned.

Years later, Hrithik was reminded of an incident which he shared with film critic Anupama Chopra in an interview where he revealed that how Kadar Khan gave a weird suggestion to his father Rakesh Roshan and made his life hell. During the back-up plan conversation, Hrithik along with his friend Uday Chopra had decided for the special effect course and at that time Rakesh Roshan and Kadar Khan were working together in some of Rakesh Roshan’s film and unexpectedly when Kadar Khan heard about the special effect thing that Hrithik wanted to pursue, he advised Rakesh Roshan to send Hrithik in some downtown college and after seeing the college, Hrithik decided to end up his back-up plan of special effects and this was all credited to Kadar Khan’s weird suggestion.

As per Hrithik, Kadar Kahn is a lovely man who made his life hell.

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