Best Motivational Story: 3 last wishes of Sikander, Alexander the Great

Best Motivational Story 3 last wishes of Sikander, Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was one of the famous kings of the Ancient Greek times.

He was known for winning many battles as a King.

He was known for his brave attitude.

It is said that he won almost half of the World in his lifetime.

When he was in his last days he expressed his three wishes.

He wanted to give a great message to the world.

Here are his three wishes and purpose of them.

Wish 1: When he will die, all best doctors of the country should accompany him during his last journey.

Purpose: He wanted to prove that when you die no one can save you even if you are accompanied by best doctors. A person completes his/her life cycle according to the wish of the god. We can’t interfere in that.

Wish 2: All of his wealth should be laid as a carpet.

Purpose: With this wish he taught a great lesson to the world that when you die, your wealth has not benefit to your dead body. Your bank balance becomes irrelevant for you. You can’t do anything with the money you leave behind.

Wish 3: His hands should not be covered.

Purpose: He wanted to prove to the world that when a person dies he/she doesn’t take anything with him/her. You die empty handed. We live in the materialistic world. Whatever we gain or lose, we leave to this world only.

These 3 learning’s from Sikander, Alexander the Great’s wishes are still remembered and talked about. Management Guru’s used these examples to teach their students.

Moral of the Story:

Don’t run after materialistic things.

Your assets become waste when you end.

When you die, your good or bad accompanies you, nothing else.

Death is a truth and it happens to everyone.

No matter how rich or powerful you are, you can’t go against the law of the nature.

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