Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao on the minds of people of Haryana

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao on the minds of people of Haryana-TN

Prime Minister launched a programme in January this year from Haryana’s Panipat- ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao'(save girl child, educate girl child), to create awareness about the welfare of women. This was meant to improve low female child ratio against the male child. The purpose of this programme is to demolish female foeticide as it is a sign of severe mental sickness.There is lack of women in the country, so there is an urgent need to change the mindset of the people those who kill their daughters soon after they are born.

Lives of daughters are precious and government of India is trying to save this priceless treasure through its ongoing initiative. This campaign was launched in Haryana’s Panipat because Haryana is the worst among all the states in the country in the context of having the lowest sex ratio at 879 females per 1000 males. It is very important to spread awareness about the importance of girl child in family as well as in the nation.

The State government of Haryana has come up with an amazing step to make this initiative reach every household in Haryana. The Panchayat elections will be held in coming January in which 1, 10, 09, 317 people are eligible for voting and out of which 59, 04, 696 are men and 51, 04, 621 are women. After voting, where the indelible ink will be applied on the finger, in addition, the logo of the campaign will also be stamped on the hand of the voter. The campaign will go to every house in the form of a stamp on the voter’s hand. Every individual will realise the importance and effectiveness of the campaign. Girl children are not a curse, in fact, a female child is a blessing for the society and she is the reason for the continuation of life in this world.

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