“Bhakts without borders”: Nominated for the 58th Grammy Awards

Bhakts without borders Nominated for the 58th Grammy Awards

Would you ever reckon or imagine that a bhajan-compilation could get a nomination for a prestigious Grammy award. Possibly not.

Well, surprise, surprise. News just broke that a bhajan-album (yes, you read it correct) has been nominated in the ‘New-Age Album’ category at the Grammys’ which will be staged in February next year.

The name of the album is ‘Bhakti without Borders’ and it is a compilation of eleven bhajans (holy songs) dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Krishna.

The reason behind this album’s intriguing title – ‘Bhakts without Borders’ and it making a cut for the Grammy-nominations is that the eleven bhajans have been recorded by Krishna-devotees from world-over – from America to Australia, from England to India.

The album is produced by Madi Das, an ISKCON Vrindawan follower from Germany. The album has 11 singers crooning melodious bhajans, and interestingly just one singer in the group is an Indian. Her name is Gaura Mani, lives in Vrindavan. Rest all the others are foreign singers who are Lord Krishna-devouts who pay visit to the ISKCON temple every year, and they are also participants of the non-profit group that composes religious music. Funds collected from the sale of the music goes towards providing food and education to the poor girls in Vrindavan.

Prior to BWB making the cut, only two other albums having religious Indian music have been nominated for a Grammy before – Jai Uttal’s ‘Mondo Rama’ (2004) and Krishna Das’ ‘Live Ananda’ (2013).

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