Bharat Kumar – Working Odd Jobs and Winning Medals for his Athletics Fetish!

Always great to come across stories of ordinary people who are able to wonderfully strike a balance between doing the both with just the same chutzpah. Meet Bharat Kumar. He is just an ordinary guy and he’s won sports medals more then you’d even think of. And he does have a left arm.


Kumar’s journey in the sports field began when he was just 12 years old. Dismissing his teacher’s concerns about his handicap, Kumar participated in a running event and stood first in in both the 50 meter and 100 meter sprints.

Coming from a working class family, Kumar grew up learning the value of hard work and determination. The same attributes have accompanied him to getting him where he is today. Despite the lack of the obvious facilities, Kumar’s family always propelled his passion for sports and that’s what’s got him thus far.

Kumar has participated and won in zonal, district, national and international level paralympics competitions. His medal-tally, by 2010, had reached at 40 nationals and 2 internationals. Accomplishing all the feats came at a price to Kumar – physical injuries. But none of that ever led Kumar to give up and succumb. He has carried on.

He participated in swimming events from 2011 and 2015, and he’s won national medals in the competitions. Now he has his sights set on representing the country in Asian Games 2018, and wants to win a medal for India.  However, things seem difficult for that to happen. And Kumar needs helps. Due to lack of funds, he hasn’t been able to train last six months. He is 27, holds a BA degree, and does menial jobs to support his family.

He attends to calls of necessity and washes cars to earn his livelihood with the Rs 3,500 he gets paid for washing cars. In tougher times, he even has had to sell his medals, to meet urgent expenses. Kumar has reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also his favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan for assistance. Kumar is still waiting for a response.

If you, as a giving Indian citizen, would like to come forward and make a difference, you can. A bequest of Rs. 500 towards  Kumar would help the young man achieve his dreams and bring glory to the country.

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