Bhramar Mukherjee: Know about Indian-Origin Researcher

Bhramar Mukherjee Know about Indian-Origin Researcher

The field of medical science is such that it keeps on evolving on minute-to-minute basis. New discoveries, inventions, innovations continue to lead to path-breaking possibilities, thereby increasing hope that medical science may just have an answer for every diagnosis there ever is.

An Indian researcher named Bhramar Mukherjee has received appointment from a prestigious US institution to be the front-runner for its cancer-related programmes.

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre has chosen Mukherjee to take the reins as associate director for the population science research, and she is also going to be in-charge of supervising the Centre’s research on cancer causes, prevention, care delivery and final results.

Professionally, Mukherjee has been enjoying John D Kalbfleisch Collegiate professorship where she teaches subjects of biostatistics, and is also the associate chair of the same department. Also, at the  university’s School of Public Health, Mukherjee is the professor of epidemiology.

Talking about Mukherjee’s prowess, the Center’s director Ted Lawrence was quoted as saying, “I am so impressed with Mukherjee. She is a stellar researcher in biostatistics, epidemiology and disparities. These are key issues for our Cancer Center to address. And I am thrilled to bring in Mukherjee to lead it.”

Mukherjee, who has grown up in Kolkata, joined the ranks in University of Michigan faculty in 2006. She has impressive work-experience being involved in several researches and studies conducted on cancer.

She is very confident taking on the latest challenge. “As a biostatistician and epidemiologist, I can bring a lot to this role”, she elucidated.

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