Bike ride all the way from Netherlands to Mumbai in three months by Robert Jan van der Kaaiji

Bike ride all the way from Netherlands to Mumbai in three months by Robert Jan van der Kaaiji

Robert Jan van der Kaaiji, a 28 year old young man , Graphic designer by profession has rode 17,000 kilometers crossing 14 countries to make his way from Netherlands to Mumbai, India in just 3 months.  10 years ago when he saw a guy recording his trip from one country to another, he was inspired to do something similar.

He started planning the trip in September 2014; his entire trip was funded by a great freelance job which he awaited for quite a long time. His determination and interest to pursue his challenge even made his parents to allow him for the trip. According to him the most difficult border to pass was the ‘Croatian border’.  He also says, “The most taxing border was the Iranian border, where I had to pay an agency to ask a company to send me a written invitation so that my visa could be approved and that cost me a whooping 300 dollars.”

Mesmerizing the beautiful sights he remembered seeing Udaipur from a temple on the hill. He said that was the most peaceful city he had felt in a long time. He also describes Himalayas as beautiful. He said,” I could see the wide expanse of snow, with deep valley to nowhere on the sides and it was beautiful.” Being a part of such an up and down journey he went through some of the tragedies too like losing his mobile charger and sweater, someone taking away his bike’s key etc.

During the journey, when he crossed countries he noticed a great cultural shift, people varying in their habits, eating style, attitude etc. The problems of each country also differ immensely. He mentions that leaving people behind was the most difficult part of the journey, but then he’ll meet new people was the motivating part to move ahead.

Completing this journey at 28, Robert has done a magnificent task. He has gained much before going back to his normal life of a graphic designer. He has gained experience.

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