‘Biking Queens’ unique way to spread awareness against the social evil of female foeticide

'Biking Queens' unique way to spread awareness against the social evil of female foeticide.
Pic: nelive.in

‘Biking Queens’ is a women biker gang and is all set to make itself proud! Yes they are the queens , 4 women squad in black who have travelled 10,000 km run across 10 Asian countries over 40 days to spread awareness against the social evil of female foeticide. Its different and adventurous! A unique and innovative way for their campaign against gender discrimination.

This biker team is led by 40 year old psychologist Sarika Mehta.  They completed their 10,000 km excursion in Singapore after crossing Malaysia on Tuesday. Sarika feels that female foeticide is not only a major issue in India, but a global problem and it can happen anywhere, hence they decided to work towards this cause and highlighted the importance of education required for girls and highlight gender prejudice.

With this vision in mind, the women squad visited schools, universities, and NGOs in countries like Thailand and Bhutan and explained the importance of education for girls.

The other members of the squad include Yugma Desai, 27 who is interior designer , Durriya Tapia, 36 is a travel agent and Khyati Desai, 31 is human resource professional.

Hats off Girls ! Way to go !!

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