Brave Punjabi woman Karamjit Sangha scares the robber away in UK while enjoying her cup of tea!

Pic: Metro News Video

49-year-old Punjabi woman Karamjit Sangha of Hull, England shows what it takes to be a brave one ! Her encounter with a robber is very interesting! Read on !

Mrs Sangha owns the ‘Sangha News and Booze’ store in Hull.When she was threatened by a robber Stuart Gleeson with a seven-inch knife to hand over her cash , she was not terrified like anyone would normally become .She was brave and maintained her cool.She was not scared at all.When he asked her to hand over the cash, all she told him calmly was that she was having her cup of tea.

She then continued to pick up a smaller knife at the store and finally scared the robber away. The incident was recorded on CCTV.

The accused was arrested and convicted of attempted robbery and sentenced to prison for five years on account of robbery and possession of a knife. Sangha was delighted with the punishment and happy that the police were really helpful and they managed to gather a lot of evidence against him.

Without using any force or violence and with her sheer confidence she managed to scare away a robber.

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