By Father’s motivation they made Impossible, Possible

By Father's motivation they made Impossible, Possible

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe – Ved Singh proves this statement right by his believes in him and hard work. Ved Singh an ordinary citizen of Rohtak, Haryana and his all three kids were suffering from a rare disease. Still he never give-up and always think positive and create his own milestone that inspire others. He is working as a waiter in a University.

Here is the snapshot of his true work and dedications.

Suffering from a Rare Disease

Three kids of Ved singh was suffering from a rare disease that they are not able to see and hear properly. Their Eyes and Ear are working only 20%. Entire family of Ved Singh was surprised because this was the first case in his family history and they never listen to this disease earlier.

Don’t Get Any Support from Government

As three of his kids are getting a physical handicap certificate from the government, but they don’t get any help from the government for their studies and medical expense. Ved singh was working as a waiter in MDU University, Rohtak. Still he didn’t get any discount in fees of their offspring.

Believe in Yourself

Her father never thought that his offspring will not be able to live a normal life. He always motivates them for study and appreciates them for their work. Ved Singh always tells his kids to believe in himself and to do hard work.

Got support from Friends

Virendra and Sanjeev got a great support from their friends. Their friends help them to reach college, in road crossing. They also help them in making notes and also simplify the studies for them, so they can understand as they are not able to see properly.

Women Spirit

Ved Singh daughters Sangeeta, also complete high school. Being a girl she never give up, as the school was 2 km and after her schooling she started teaching the other children.

 Successfully Complete the Studies

Two Sons of Ved Singh, Virendra and Sanjeev complete the studies by their hard work and dedication. Virendra is B.Ed from Vasihya College, Rohtak and Sanjeev is studying in JBT from Sanit Paul College. In exams both brother are getting a writer to complete the exam in 3 hours. The writer who helps then in exam is two year junior to them. Sometime both of the brothers, face the challenge that they know everything but not able to explain the same to the writer; but still they are managing.

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