Byju Raveendran will take you aback with his love for learning. Byju loves to compete with his own self and also loves to learn things not known to him. His success mantra is to compete with himself and not others. He not just is a budding entrepreneur but is also a millionaire who built palace out of nothing.

Byju started off as an offline test provider for GRE, GMAT, Civil Services, CAT, JEE and Med. He then expanded his wings and took up coaching classes for 11th and 12th. Soon after that, he started coaching sixth standard and onwards.


Byju has come so far because of his passion for learning and growing every day. He innovates to make students learn the basic concepts. He never spoon feeds the kids and try to provoke the curiosity of learning new things. His way of teaching has a much bigger impact on the students and they are learning new and more impactive ways of getting educated.


Byju is of an opinion that most learning happens beyond the four walls of the room. Every subject has got a lot to teach but the real learning is about learning the real life skills which are not taught by the books. So, it becomes very important to learn the outside classroom skills too. Byju Raveendran makes his kids play a lot of games and also make them learn new skills by doing so. When learning is so much fun then it invites a lot of positive energy into the system. He has a lot of serious students which are than polished to turned tutors as they have learnt the course so well.

His classes are growing tremendously every year. He is able to enroll 20,000 new students and about 20% students go on to taking further paid services as they are very serious about studies.

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