C Mauli Agrawal: International recognition for Indian-American researcher

C Mauli Agrawal International recognition for Indian-American researcher-1

Indian-American individuals are achieving great heights in the US. They are getting elected to take over esteemed positions in organizations. All such events are great news for India’s progress abroad.

The latest to make news in this regard is C Mauli Agrawal. He is an eminent researcher in the field of bioengineering. His works have earned him a fellowship in the US’ National Academy of Inventors for his contribution in inventing path-breaking healthcare technologies.

Although his formal induction is due in April next year, the news of his inclusion in the prestigious Academy is welcome news.

Agrawal, who is an IIT-Kanpur alumnus, is the existing Vice President of Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

C Mauli Agrawal International recognition for Indian-American researcher-1

Agrawal has played a pivotal role in orthopaedic implants, cardiovascular biomaterials and diabetic foot products. He has achieved many accolades for the same. Furthermore, Agrawal’s bioengineering research has led in 28 patents.

After induction, the 56-yo veteran will join 581 fellows in the National Academy of Inventors (NAI.)

Obviously elated with selection, Mauli quoted “It is a great honor. Some of the greats, at least in my field, are members of this academy. It’s good for San Antonio that we get more people there. Any recognition like this puts the spotlight on UTSA and I think that’s great.”

His colleagues reckon the recognition coming Agrawal’s well-deserved. “He’s been incredibly insightful in terms of not only what can be demonstrated in an academic and research environment but, more importantly, what will translate in terms of meaningful patient progress as well.” opined Dr Steven Bailey, the cardiology division chair at the health science centre and a longtime colleague of Agrawal’s.

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