Caitriona Lucas-This Coastal Guard of Ireland passed away recently on her duty of saving lives of peoples and she inspires many even now


It is not always we come across persons like Caitriona Lucas. This woman who previously worked as Coast Guard and saved many people’s lives died when her rescue boat capsized in the heavy Atlantic waters of Kilkee and this created deep pain in the hearts of many people.

It was simply superb when her family spoke highly of her and said Caitriona Lucas was a sensational woman who inspired many. The interesting piece of information about her was she loved animals more plus she was an artist and a librarian who made great impact on many people’s hearts.

That she was a sensational lady could be known from the fact that as many as thousands of relatives, friends and staff members from emergency services paid their last respect for her at her funeral held at St Brigid Church, Liscannor in Ireland. It must be noted that at the entrance of the church there were many men who wore black uniforms with white peaked caps as it was the uniform of Ireland based Coastal Guards.

Her husband Bernard and son Ben shared their views about her. Bernard spoke about how life was so short and one must not postpone things and said life was very precious. The 20 year old Ben with tears and shaking voice spoke about how his mom was exceptional woman who loved her life and gave nothing short of 100%. Ben also threw light on many things like Caitriona Lucas love for the sea, Coast Guard and her love for the library and the kids. Superb Caitriona Lucas!! You live in our hearts forever.

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