Calcium and its rich sources in vegetarian foods

Calcium and its rich sources in vegetarian foods
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Calcium is one of the most important chemical elements present in this world and is the fifth most abundantly found element by mass in the Earth. Calcium is very important for all organisms that are living in this world. Calcium plays a major role in the development of bones and body. Deficiency of Calcium leads to many problems like Rickets, poor blood clotting for menopausal women, poor teeth leading to many problems. Some good news for vegetarians is it is not necessary that Calcium must be taken from non-vegetarian foods. Some of the vegetarian foods are also rich sources of Calcium.
Calcium in beans
Beans provide great sources of Calcium. They are often considered light and healthy to consume. So having beans regularly can solve our problems.
Oranges as Calcium source
Oranges are good sources of Vitamin C and Calcium and can be easily consumed. The citrus flavour of these oranges gives a great taste.
Sesame seeds
It is fact that sesame seeds are rich sources of Calcium and must be eaten to reduce BP. Apart from this eating sesame seeds also reduces inflammation.
Milk as Calcium source
Milk is very rich in Calcium contents. Milk must be consumed so that problems due to less Calcium will not be there.
Dried Figs
These dried figs are rich in Calcium and fibre contents and can be consumed easily so that health problems due to lack of Calcium can be prevented.
Calcium in Almonds
Almonds are very important and needs to be had regularly. They are rich in Calcium and others like Potassium, Vitamin E, iron etc.
Thus it is necessary to have Calcium in our diet and it can be had from vegetarian diets as well so that our lives can be happy and healthy.

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