Challenges of a Solo Traveler

Challenges of a Solo Traveler-TN

How many of you call yourselves bold and independent? How many of you think that no adventure in the world can cause the hair on your skin to stand at an attention position? How many of you believe that there isn’t a challenge that you cannot overcome? Moreover, how many of you feel extremely excited when the proposal of traveling to a new place is thrown towards you?

Well, then, Solo Travelling is what you should definitely try out!

One fine day if you look through the websites of the giants in the travel industry like Yatra and surf through the possible best budget hotels in Lonavala that does not make you a solo traveler even if you are keen to set out on a trip. Until and unless you gear up the courage and embark on a journey all by yourself, you will not be called a Solo Traveler.

Thus, now that you can feel energized, why don’t you read about the challenges that the solo travelers face all over the world so that you can be totally prepared for a great trip ahead?

  • Feeling Lonely: As human beings, it is our primary instinct to communicate with the other humans. Suppose, you were asked to keep your mouth shut for 24 hours; how would you feel? Won’t you feel claustrophobic? Well, if you are a talkative person by nature, this is what will pose the biggest challenge to you. When you roam around alone and see people around you talking, you might miss talking to your loved ones’ face to face then.
  • Feeling Homesick: If you are a solo traveler and traveling alone for many days at a stretch, you might start feeling homesick. No matter how lovely the place that you are visiting is, you will ultimately feel like there is a void in your life which can be filled only when you retire to the peaceful and affectionate environment of your home sweet home.
  • Worrying About Your Own Safety: This is the biggest concern that should be in your mind when you decide to go for solo travelling. After all, when you are travelling alone, you have to keep this mind that every person that you come across during your trip may not be good enough t extend a helping hand. In that case, you have to learn to help yourself out. Every time you walk around with your luggage, you have to be extra cautious. Every time you set out to party to the nearest nightclub, you have to weigh the options out. And, if you are a female person, you have to be able to keep a watch on your back if you want to travel safely all alone.
  • Getting Support: Another problem that you might face as a solo traveler is getting support. Even though there are many people all over the world who would genuinely try to help you out, sometimes, it just might not turn out to be favourable. For example, if a Chinese person, who speaks only his or her native term, would not be able to give you the directions to a particular place properly because of the language barrier. Likewise, getting support will become difficult.
  • Meeting the Expenses: When you are travelling alone, you have to be mentally prepared to meet the expenses. There won’t be anyone to share the cab fare; you might have to book a double bed accommodation, say, at one of the best budget hotels in Lonavala because of the unavailability of any other options; you will have to eat the whole pan pizza yourself and walk around with a pot-belly and so on. In this way, your travel expense will increase.

This was a sneak peek into the world of a solo traveler. Though it is difficult to pursue solo travelling, however, once you overcome these challenges, you will simply love the experience! So, what are you waiting for? If you truly want to feel the excitement, you have to muster up your courage and set out on your next trip all alone!

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