Chandrasekhar Reddy’s documentary Fireflies in the Abyss shows mining in Meghalaya is deadly

Chandrasekhar Reddy’s documentary Fireflies in the Abyss shows mining in Meghalaya is deadly

Mining industry is very old industry and the work place is very tough as there is always the danger of losing lives. It must be noted that in the state of Meghalaya rat- hole coal mining has been banned by the National Green Tribunal. This rat-hole mining is nothing but digging narrow holes till the black gold is got and is very dangerous to the lives of the persons involved. It is important to note that this multi-million dollar mining industry also utilizes many kids as child labor.

It must be noted that this documentary was shot in Jainita Hills in the year 2012 and it is known that this film ‘’Fireflies in the Abyss’’ have made a great impact on the viewers at the Busan International Film Festival. Now it is confirmed that this film would be screened at the Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival soon. Chandrasekhar shared many things about how he got involved in this documentary project. He further spoke about how he came across kids working in mines in Meghalaya while he worked for a film for a production house at England. Chandrasekhar also throws light on many problems he faced during the shoot.

He also spoke about a boy named Suraj who worked in the mines along with many other kids. It is good to note that when he presented his film at Good Pitch one person offered his help for Suraj but Chandrasekhar wanted freedom of many kids working in the mines. Chandrasekhar finally said that this film was his passion project and wants it to be shown to many others.

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