Chen Shengkuan: This Differently-Abled Father Crawls for the missing son

Chen Shengkuan This Differently-Abled Father Crawls for the missing son
Pic: CEN

Chen Shengkuan is differently-abled .His two-year-old son went missing 15 months ago when the child was playing with his cousins. Few China families have been kidnapping male children to continue their family name.He is not sure where his dear son is.

Heartborken Chen’s been searching for his son since then. Diagnosed with polio as a kid, Chen’s been afflicted with a walking disability. He used to work at a catheter factory, since this incident he quit and set out to search his child.He has to crawl from one city to search for his missing son.

Chen carries photos of his son with him and a hand-written account of the incident, hoping that someone might help him and ease his search.He had filed a police complaint as soon the kid was missing in January last year. However they haven’t been able to find him.

Continuing with his search he has reached Zhangjiang province which houses nearly 7 million residents. He is currently in Guangdong, he mentioned that he is willing to undergo any amount of suffering to find his dear son.Hope he finds his son soon.

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