Chetan Ahuja – He Wants to Speed Up Your Mobile Apps


Nothing’s running the world like apps these days. There’s an app for everything – well, almost. And for a world’s that’s fixated to their mobile phones, apps have snowballed into an addiction for most of us. Moreover, it’s no secret that while we may love our mobile-apps the most, it is also true that we would love they to function more speedily. It’s a big problem, no? Of course it is.

So, is there a solution in sight?

Well, according to a gentleman named Chetan Ahuja there is.

Chetan, who was a notorious school kind in his heydays, took many journeys and jobs before he got a call from his true-calling.

He was always sure of what we wanted to do in life. He started his PhD in Computational Chemistry and got out with a masters degree in computer science. He worked high-end jobs for many techie-giants in the business, and then he had an idea inside his head which made him detach and be on his own. His vast experiences in the networking field helped him launch ‘PacketZoom’. For a year, it was just a setup of engineers putting out a product, which included new protocol and providing data from America, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Chetan’s efforts are invested in speeding up the function of mobile apps. At present, the speed of apps is average because the discontinuous disconnection owing to the navigation of the phone from place to place and jumping from Wi-Fi to 2G/3G connection. And if a user is going through an area which has dead network it will adversely affect data-transfer.

The problem is a big one and casts a shadow for logistics and operations. Explains Chetan, “The people who are delivering out in the field are connected to home network and update the status on delivery. This becomes tough across dead stops. We have to change the way we think about networking. Original concept of networking TCP protocol assumptions design between two unique IP addresses(thinking IP address as your end point/machine/device). But now, the device changes TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) session quite frequently.”

Chetan Ahuja: linkedin  | twitter

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