Clean Sports: Do we still have ‘Regional Bias’ in selection in Sports?

Mary koms allegation for bias-TN
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India’s proud Olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom on Friday broke down when she accused that the Indian selectors do bias during boxing selection and trails. As per media reports she expressed that she is very upset about this and feel why this discrimination is done based on region when everyone is Indian.

We are not going into details as what exactly is the case. Our only question is, does this happen in today’s environment? Probably yes. It may not be 100% but surely to some extent. We believe that this should go. Our togetherness and fair selection method will give deserving players a chance to perform which will be good for Indian sports.

We hope with other reforms in the country, reforms for Sports will also be done so everyone gets a fair chance to play. Doing discrimination in sports can’t build a healthy nation. We also need to bring those sport persons into administration who have proved in sports in past. Generally, it’s seen, those who are politically strong gets chance in Sports Administration but this is killing sports. We need to do something. We will continue raising our voice. Look forward to “Clean Sports” in India.

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