Colin D Cruz- The man behind the Rocking Jazz in Goa

Colin D Cruz is well known for his rocking music. This man just gives an extra touch to Goan music for sure. He owns and runs a studio in Goa. This studio outstands itself amongst the hundred others in Goa. It is amidst the beautiful rice fields of Goa. This studio is overlooking th Panchayat in North Goa.


In a professional studio, a musician and a singer faces a lot of challenges to record music there. There are a lot of singers who have abundance of talent but could not zero down to the right studio to get their song recorded. Even if they are able to zero down than the cost comes across a big hassle there. There are numerous such talented artists who could not see them pursuing what is passion and love for them because of lack of resources.

The Jazz studio comes as a big respite to all of them. Here, the neophytes are given the opportunity to record with one of the best Bazz players of the world. And, they get to collaborate and get in touch with other popular musicians in the country. This is done free of cost without any charges. Isn’t this shocking?

The local music of Goa is beautiful and loved by the tourists. Yet, the musicians are given very raw deals and nobody comes to their support. These people have a lot of talent but lack resources to tell the world about their talent. The Jazz studio is made with this idea in mind to provide the opportunities to these people to showcase their talent to the world by using internet as a platform. Colin had been traveling round the world for ten years. He has seen many musicians becoming hit by using his studio.

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