College staff takes a big decision and Adopt him – A real life journey of a blind student

College staff takes a big decision and Adopt him - A real life journey of a blind student
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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else – The College staff prove this statement real, when they adopt a blind student Ratan Lal; who had passion to study and want to become successful in his life; but not able to do it because his family had no money to afford the studies and other expenditure. Ratan Lal, a blind boy lives in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan; struggling with day to day activity with never gives up attitude.

Here is the inspiring real life journey of Ratan Lal.

Not Able to Afford Studies

For studying in BA, Ratan has to go 80 km from his village to town. Bus has taken 3.5 hrs and then he has to catch the auto to reach the college. Ratan’s family is not able to afford this and the study expenditure. Ratan’s father is a farmer and he is dependent on his family for everything.

Adopted by College Staff

When college staff comes to know about Ratan, they get impress with the spirit of Ratan and decided to adopt his all expenditure of travelling, food and study. Staff is also ready to afford his hostel fees or rent. They are helping Ratan in his day to day activities and studies, so he can prepare for the examination.

Passion for studies

With lot of problem in daily life and had to travel 80 km daily to go to college, Ratan never give up and he always ready to face the challenges and his passion towards the studies drives him towards the college and he is ambitious and want to become successful in life.

Apathetic Attitude by Government

Ratan and his family tried to take the government help for his study, but they don’t get support from the government.

Don’t want to be Burden on Others

Still blind, Ratan don’t want to be a burden for others to carry out his daily routine. He wants to be self dependent and want to do everything by himself.

Searching for a place to live

He doesn’t want to live in hostel, in lieu of getting independent. So now he is searching a place to live in town where he can carry out his daily activities without any help. Staff is also trying to build a room in hostel for Ratan, so he can live independently there.

Inspiring others for Eye Donation

Ratan don’t want to be a burden for others and he want to set examples that with dedications and positive attitude you can achieve any milestone.  Now he is motivating others for eye donation, so that people will start donating their eyes after death, so in case of needy person will get their eyes to see this world and fulfill his ambitions.

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