Coming Soon in Gorakhpur: AIIMS

Coming Soon in Gorakhpur AIIMS
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There is good news on the cards for the denizens of Uttar Pradesh, and more particularly for those in Gorakhpur district. News is that the place is set get its own AIIMS put there. This particular undertaking has been a long-standing aspiration for the state. And with this announcement made, residents living in nearby areas can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the medical-facility will prove influential in treating patients of serious diseases such as encephalitis.
Uttar Pradesh CM has written a letter to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare JP Nadda and expressed that an AIIMS-facility is Gorakhpur is pivotal for a number of reasons.

In April this year, the state-government had already sent out a proposal to the Centre seeking land-allotment for AIIMS in Khuthan area of Gorakhpur. On the basis of the proposal, a team had come over and conducted inspections on the premises on 28-29April. Consequently, on July 29, the Health Minister sent a response to the CM Yadav to submit a status-report of the infrastructure in the proposed area, for amenities such as roads, power supply, water supply etc.

The said report has been forwarded to the Health Minister. Furthermore CM Yadav said that the land allocated for the AIIMS project measures 94.99 hectares (234.71 acres), and that it is not a subject of any dispute. Following approval from the Centre, CM Yadav assured that road-connectivity will be improved upon and a four-lane road will be constructed in a year’s time.

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