Coming Soon to India: Google’s Project Loon

Coming Soon to India Google’s Project Loon

There is a long-standing dream that India has. The dream is that all villages across the country have Internet-access. Well, if thinks unravel as planned, than Google’s Project Loon will ensure that India’s dream turns into reality.

As much exciting is that fact that Internet-access will be available to millions in the rural areas, the government is pondering about where Google’s pet-project might meddle with cellular transmissions of mobile operators in the country.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO said that, ““Project Loon will launch balloons in the sky to help reach out to rural areas.”

This massive undertaking in India is part of larger scheme of things Google has plans for, specifically as the technology-giant is particularly “passionate” about building and deploying new Internet infrastructure around the world, as quoted by Google vice-president (Access Strategy and Emerging Markets) Marian Croak.

If the proposal to get Project Loon gets the nod, it could be a game-changer in India. Marian further indicated that “we are testing these high altitude balloons which literally act as almost like floating cell towers… to connect people in hard to reach regions that are scarcely populated and we are working to hopefully bring Project Loon to India in rural communities that have very few people connected to the Internet.”

Project Loon, which has already tasted success in the US, New Zealand and Brazil, is launching big balloons at an altitude of 20 kilometers above the Earth’s surface to send out Internet transmission signals.

According to Google, each balloon is potent enough to provide connectivity to a ground area measuring 40 kms in diameter utilizing a wireless communications technology called LTE or 4G.

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