Common Outcome of Work Stress Effecting You – Listing 5 but more

stress meditation

For almost all of us, work can be a consistent source of anxiety. Stress in small doses can be a powerful tool to help motivate us to push ourselves to achieve. However, large quantities can lead to physical problems that follow you out of your office.

Tension headaches
Weight issues

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5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

1. Sit up straight
2. Get organized
3. Abandon unrealistic goals
4. Try to avoid interruptions
5. Embrace your stress

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Some other ways to reduce stress

1) Listen to Music
2) Call a Friend
3) Talk Yourself Through It
4) Eat Right
5) Laugh It Off
6) Try Tea
7) Be Mindful
8) Exercise
9) Sleep Better
10) Breathe Easy