Convenience redefined- Watch how Paytm can simplify your life! – New Paytm ad

Convenience redefined- Watch how Paytm can simplify your life! - New Paytm ad

Convenience is the keyword to every transaction we make during the day and Paytm has surely made life easy for the time-strapped individual of the modern world. In this all new Paytm commercial, we get to see the various ways life can be simplified and made absolutely hassle free.

In India, elders always give young relatives a small amount when they visit each other and we see an aunt transfer money to her nephew’s Paytm account. Settling the auto fare when you don’t have exact change is also easy with Paytm. Shopkeepers giving us lozenges and chocolates giving the change excuse is now a thing of the past with the Paytm app.

The advertisement has also captured some hilarious moments when a couple is shown riding a bike when the guy whips out his phone and the girl immediately pouts for a selfie, only to realise the guy is paying for petrol through Paytm. The entire family is more than willing to pay the electricity bill since Paytm offers cash-back facility. In the last scene, an old couple miss out taking a photo of their son’s name when the credits appear at the end of a movie. Immediately, they book a ticket for the next show and do the needful.

The ad shows how people of all ages and backgrounds can make use of the Paytm app and explains its uses in a light-hearted yet effective way.

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