Cooper, 3D printed hand gives this small kid new life

Cooper, 3D printed hand gives this small kid new life

3D printing technology at industrial or personal level brings such benefits that traditional methods simply can not. It gives an individual the ability to personalise the products according to the individual needs and requirements.

Cooper, a six year old boy, was unfortunately born without a left hand. No one knows why these things happen, but with the support of his/her family, the child can still have a very happy and healthy life. Cooper had an extra challenge to overcome. He is perfect in his own unique way. Cooper never had a left hand, thus, it was not weird for him anymore. Although it was very difficult.

But luckily, a professor Ted Triplett from Mountwest Community and Technical college, West Virginia, noticed Cooper and his difficulties, that he was facing without his hand. The professor believes in the benefits of 3D printing technology. He decided to help the little boy so that he can live life more comfortably. Therefore, on the occasion of Christmas , the professor and his team of students specifically designed a left hand for Cooper using 3D technology. The 3D printed hand changed Cooper’s entire life. Now he could do things easily which earlier he was not able to do. Day to day functioning is dealt with much ease now. The hand is lighter in weight and stronger in design. It is a great promise in terms of stable life and eliminating much tough times.

Cooper is expected to have a wonderfully happy and blessed life ahead. This precious gift from his professor will never let him sorry for himself amd will keep him fully involved into life. He will be able to achieve amazing success and prove the worth of technology with him.


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