Coronary Blockages Cured by Meditation and Positive Thinking in India


Rajyoga Meditation

Rajyoga meditation is taught by the Brahmakumaris all over the world. This is gaining popularity very fast. Rajyoga meditation is found to be highly effective and it cures all kinds of illnesses including mental as well as physical.


Corrects the hormonal imbalance

Rajyoga meditation cures the hormonal imbalances of the body as well. The first and the foremost thing it does is to calm down the mind and release the supporting endorphins which work towards the overall well being of the body.


It creates the positive energy in the body

Rajyoga meditation creates a lot of positive energy in the body. So much so, that the positive energy is capable of clearing any coronary blockages of the heart. This is a true story of thousands of people who got rid of their coronary blockages by practicing Rajyoga meditation for a month regularly at the main centre of Brahmakumari at Mt. Abu, Rajesthan. The doctors were shocked to see the results where all coronary blockages were cleared just by regular meditation, faith and positivity.


It heals the body physically

Rajyoga meditation heals the body physically at any point of time. It is capable of removing any ailments but require complete dedication and faith. The doctors all over the world were convinced to see it working when they practically saw the ailments getting cured without any meditation. The Brahmakumaris have been recognized by the UN as well and they have been tested by lie detector to check if they lie about what they preach. The tests have proven they are true to the core and hence their popularity is rising day by day.


No surgery or medication needed

Rajyoga meditation helps to cure coronary blockages without any surgery or medication of any sort needed. Off late, thousands of people who believed in God were cured of their coronary blockages without any external help. This is why it is said that positivity can make the impossible possible.

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