Creating a global brand

The emergence of real-time digital communications has made it easier than ever for enterprises to cross international borders via the internet to grow their brand. Global branding is a prerequisite for catching the eye of consumers in potentially lucrative regional markets but it is a complex task that requires a documented management and marketing strategy.

For many modern enterprises, going global is a natural next step for long-term growth. “We use branding communications as a way of expanding and scaling the business,” says eBay chief communications officer, Dan Tarman. “From our perspective, communications success has a direct result on output since it adds a value proposition that’s important to our customer base.” Achieving this aim is challenging but there are several tactics than can form the foundation for a global brand campaign.

Global culture

It is important that your business goals and objectives align with your desire to create a global brand. Developing a culture focused on brand building is important, as employees from the top down will need to alter their personal goals and expectations to dovetail with the wider aim of brand building. The board plays a crucial role here, as they will have to act as the catalyst for change as well as being able to support and enhance brand strategies. Manufacturing and tech enterprise Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Limited is a great case study for how to successfully create a global brand. The company’s chairman, Jatin Mehta, managed to build and sustain shareholder value while taking the brand worldwide.

Consistent message

Every compelling global brand has a platform for storytelling. It is made up of a unique motif, logo, vision and values that enables it to resonate consistently with consumers. When targeting global dominance, it is important to keep this message consistent across all regions. Local marketing teams can then interpret and express the centralised strategy, using their own languages. By taking each culture into consideration, this will allow you to relate directly to end consumers more readily. Adopting a “show rather than tell” strategy for content marketing will also help to overcome the language barrier, so focus on images and other visual-based communications.

Brand reach

Marketers can leverage a wealth of digital channels to reach a target demographic and audience but you will need to conduct in-depth analytics to engage with them effectively. To do this, sift through important data points related to a target consumer’s online activity, age, hobbies, geography and dislikes so you can position your brand to suit a vast array of different regional markets. You could even partner with a local enterprise or agency for expert advice. While going global is thinking big, you still need to connect at the local level for long-term success.

Leaders and influencers

A robust in-house marketing strategy is critical for brand building but you may also need outside help to amplify the reach of your brand. Gathering people around a meaning or greater cause could really give your enterprise the edge, so put together a list of influencers, decision makers and leaders, and approach them about your brand vision, using creative videos and messages. This will increase the number of connections in countries across the globe and may give your brand the platform it needs to reach new consumers and clients.

Every market, country and demographic is unique, so you will need to take into account the changing social, economic and technological patterns to keep on top of local trends and tailor a brand message that speaks to consumers and drives them to make positive brand actions.

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