Daljeet Kaur- She had problems in her married life with Shaleen but has comeback strongly

Daljeet Kaur- She had problems in her married life with Shaleen but has comeback strongly
Pic: Instagram

One actress who has made superb impact on the viewers is this famous TV personality Daljeet Kaur. It was simply superb when Daljeet Kaur won Nach Baliye with Shaleen and she later married him.

Recently she shared some of her bitter moments of her life after she got married to this Shaleen. Daljeet Kaur said that Shaken did not behave properly with her after the marriage and there were much domestic violence she faced. She said she wanted her son to be very happy and that is her priority now. She also spoke about how she does not want to reconcile with her husband again as she was badly hurt by him. Daljeet Kaur further added that she does not mind Shaleen spending ten minutes with his son and would be happy if Shaleen could be a good dad. She shared her views about being a single mother and said she was happy.

She even spoke about how her son would feel proud of her in the future as she single handedly brought him up. It is great to note that she is doing the roles of both dad and mom. Regarding her failed wedding with Shaleen she said that it had taught her important things in her life. According to her it was the worst phase of her life. The only good was she met some nice caring people who really supported her. This single mother is just amazing and is proving to a source of inspiration for other woman who has painful married life. Hats off Daljeet kaur!!

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