Darren Kisgen: World kids going gaga over a Board-Game Created by Finance Professor!

Darren Kisgen World kids going gaga over a Board-Game Created by Finance Professor-1

What would you normally expect a finance professor to be good at? Teach Finance subjects, of course. Ha! Then there’s a good chance you haven’t got wind of Darren Kisgen’s doing, and the unexpected results in aftermath.

Darren Kisgen is a professor teaching Finance at the Boston College. One fine day, he decided to create something on his own, purely for the entertainment of his kids. And you wouldn’t believe what then came out with? He designed a board-game with which his kids could enjoy some fun time. While of course, the man’s kids took an instant liking to it. But Kisgen never expected the world’s kids going bonkers for it, too!

The board-game is called Dragonwood, and it takes inspirations from games such as poker, rummy, but combines them into a make-believe world of dragons and goblins. Playing ‘Dragonwood’ is quite simple. The players needs to draw a strong hand, if they do, they get an opportunity to ‘capture’ mythical creatures in a fictional forest, and that helps players win the game.

Darren Kisgen World kids going gaga over a Board-Game Created by Finance Professor-1

The game is suitable for all those aged 8 years and up.

The idea for the board-game germinated inside Kisgen’s head two years ago. At that time, a realization hit him that majority of the fantasy games were too complex or violent for his two children, aged 5 and 7 then.

“I felt like I was missing a game that I would want to play with them, so I decided to try to come up with that game myself,” he said.

Once the game was set and ready, he sent over the prototype to a game-publisher nearby, called Gamewright. The guys at Gamewright gave art-inputs for the cards, and commenced selling the game as ‘Dragonwood’ in early 2015.

The game has been picked like hot-cakes by the public – 20,000 copies have gone out since summer.

What’s more exciting is the game has won over the people of MENSA, the game claimed the top gaming-prize.

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