Dashrath Patel: His “AC Sofa” invention is something unique

Dashrat Patel AC Sofa-2-TN
Dashrat Patel

The growth of our future depends upon our skills and productivity, competitiveness and innovation. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to transform ourselves into something better with each passing day.

A small AC repair mechanic,  Dashrath Patel, from Dinanagar, Gujrat, came up with a genius idea of air-conditioned AC Sofa, a few years ago. He thought of installing air-conditioner in a sofa in 2008 and started working on it aggressively. It was completely made of wood and weighed around 175 kg which was way heavy and costly than his expectations. He was helped by the National institute of Design in developing the product. Innovative minds don’t need higher education to make a difference, proves, a 45 years old Dashrath Patel, who has studied till 10th class and is a basic diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering, by inventing Air-conditioned Sofa which brings the temperature down by 50% in just 1 minute.

Dashrat Patel AC Sofa-2-TN

This mechanically genius man approached The Ministry of micro, Small, and medium Enterprises, which works in collaboration with The National Institute Of Design since 2010 and requested to help him in making the sofa lighter and much affordable. The ‘Design Clinic Scheme’ of MSME Ministry modified the design and replaced the wooden material with fiber and PVC pipes, reducing the weight to 35 kg.

The blower is attached to the sofa which converts hot air into cool air and the airflow comes from the hand-rest of the sofa enabling the regulation of temperature by a remote. This sofa consumes 10% lesser power than regular air-conditioners controlling humidity and fan speed too, thus, it can be said that success comes from flawless execution of the innovation. The whole design consumes 250 watts of electricity. Dashrath Patel proves a famous quote by Steve Jobs, ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.

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