Dawn Taylor- This Runcorn constable was named ”Officer of the year” for her great contributions and is highly inspirational now

Pic: twitter.com

The recent news that a police constable named Dawn Taylor has been given ‘’Officer of the year’’ award for her superb contributions has been the talk of the town. It is now said that her work to deal with anti-social behaviour or ASB has caught the attention of many and she is now recognized with the award. Remarkable isn’t it!!

This Dawn Taylor is now appreciated for her initiative against protecting the community from harm. Runcorn is a famous industrial town in Cheshire, UK. In these parts many crimes and ASB have been present creating many issues for the public. Dawn Taylor has tackled crime and ASSB in these parts with ease on day to day basis which is highly commendable work.

It is now brought out that Dawn Taylor shared superb relation with the residents living in these parts and it was achieved by her passion and focus to protect the people in these places in Runcorn. It is simply superb that Dawn Taylor has caught the attention of a person named Sarah Heath who is a chief inspector.

This chief inspector heaped praises on this Dawn Taylor and said Taylor was exceptional in her work. Sarah also spike about how Taylor was able to communicate with everyone and had earned respect from many there. She also spoke about how ASB was very important in Runcorn in Cheshire.Simon Byrne who is chief constable also praised Taylor for her superb efforts Amazing Dawn Taylor!!

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