Deep Patel- This young guy is now world’s youngest most powerful networker

Deep Patel- This young guy is now world’s youngest most powerful networker

When most boys of his age spend time with their friends or chatting in Face Book or seeing movies etc a boy named Deep Patel of age 17 is now a sensation. He is now the world’s youngest most powerful networker and is spoken highly all over. As per Laura Inamedinova who is a contributor to Forbes this young Deep Patel has got connections with great persons like David Petraeus who is a former CIA director general. He also has links with some famous Hollywood actors and professors from the renowned Harvard University.

It does not end here. It seems some people like Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher etc have had some sort of connections with this amazing guy. His first book titled ’’Paperboy’s Fable’’ was superb and he had interviewed as many as 15 industry based persons.

It must be noted that this young boy employed certain great tactics to become powerful networker at this young age. According to Deep Patel confidence to reach out is very important and one must not have the fear of failure. Healthy relationship plays important thing and value must be given up front. Deep Patel is also of the opinion that strategic connection is important as it could give lead and makes a person to shine above others. It must be noted that creating a diverse network of givers is very much needed as it helps in expanding the network. Finally Deep Patel is of the view that staying in touch is very important as there is heavy competition all over to get the attention of highly successful persons.

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