Delhi Police helps a woman delivers baby in a PCR van

Delhi Police helps a woman delivers baby in a PCR van

We often criticize Police for not helping common man. This is also true that sometime Police helps common man like a messiah.  In a recent incident a Delhi Police Control Room (PCR) van turned into delivery room where cops helped a 23 years old woman deliver a baby when they were on the way to hospital.

Aarti, while travelling from Gwalior to Samalkha, started labour pain early in the morning. Her in laws were also travelling with her. With the help of Railway Police, Delhi Police was informed. Police came into action and Railway Police was asked to stop the train at Delhi’s Subzi Mandi station. Meanwhile Police reached, Aarti’s water sac had already broken and she was about to deliver.

Police van was brought on the platform where other passengers helped Aarti get into the van. Delhi Police constables Sanjeev and Sanjay acted quickly with towels and hot water for the new born baby.

Aarti’s in-laws though scared but happy and said they would name the boy “after the journey”. Kashi Ram, Aarti’s father-in-law has praised Delhi Police for their help. Special Commissioner (operations) Sanjay Beniwal has applauded Sanjeev and Sanjay’s efforts and has declared an award for them.

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