Delhi towards air pollution control: Battery Powered Electric Buses designed by ISRO

Delhi towards air pollution control Battery Powered Electric Buses designed by ISRO
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Pollution in any form is bad for the human beings as well as for other living forms in this world. There are three types of pollution namely air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. Out of these three air’s pollution is very troublesome. The term ‘’Air Pollution’’ refers to introduction of any harmful materials into the Earth atmosphere.  It was said that in the year 2012 air pollution was responsible for deaths of 7 million people around the world.  In Delhi it has been said that in order to counter the air pollution and its problems on health, buses run by batteries would soon start functioning. It is known that the satellites designed by ISRO uses lithium-ion powered batteries and now it is said that these same batteries would be utilized for the buses also.

It was said that PM Narendra Modi would involve himself in providing two such buses on 21st December 2015 for the MPs. It must be noted that these lithium-ion batteries cost about 12 lakhs and are developed by the scientists and researchers from ISRO in joint association with the ministry. There are plans to operate 15 such buses as confirmed by the road transport minister Mr Nitin Gadkari. The ‘’Make in India’’ initiative of PM Modi would be incorporated and it is also said that the patents are registered. It is well known that diesel run buses in India has been creating lots of air pollution. This has lead to many health problems everywhere.  Now Nitin Gadkari  has got big plans for the future. He wants to convert the 1.5 lakh buses in India to electric based ones. Amazing thought for healthy India!!

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